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        Frequently Asked Questions:

        When will my order arrive? Please allow roughly 15-20 business days for orders to be processed, made, and shipped out, as every piece is handmade. Once your order is placed you should receive a confirmation email or text. When your order is shipped you will receive a second email or text including the tracking information for your package. 

        Something is wrong with my order, what should I do? If there is any issue or concerns with your order please contact us immediately for a resolution. Please contact us through the contact form above, not through DM as they are very busy.

        I changed my mind can I cancel and refund my order? Unfortunately once an order is placed it cannot be cancelled as production has already began. If you need to change something about your order such as spelling, case size, etc please contact us immediately. If changes are submitted before your order is complete it can be accommodated. For questions or concerns about this contact us through the contact form above.

        What materials do you use for your jewelry?
        Most of our pieces are either 14k gold filled and 925 sterling silver, such as our wire and chain. Most pendants are hypoallergenic, stainless steel and plated stainless steel. Earrings are made of gold plated 18k and 24k gold plated metals. Each listing will specify the materials of the product.

        All of our resin products are made with non-toxic art resin and real, pressed dried flowers.

        What is the difference between solid gold, gold filled, and gold plated pieces? 
        Solid gold
        offers the highest quality and lowest maintenance in jewelry pieces. However, solid gold is expensive. Solid gold pieces can last virtually life time with relatively no care. This metal can be worn in water with no fear of tarnishing.

        Gold Filled pieces are a small step down from solid gold, while offering a much more affordable price. Gold filled pieces are made by pressure bonding a thick layer of 14k solid gold to a jeweler’s quality brass core. This material can last a life time by following just a few care tips. As long as there is no damage to the gold layer, this material is safe to wear in water without fear of tarnishing. To ensure a longer life span it is typically recommended to not expose gold filled pieces to strong chemicals such as perfumes, lotion, sunscreen, shampoo, etc. It is also advised not to sweat or sleep in these pieces to further prevent damage. Some people’s body chemical make up is incompatible with this material and may cause tarnishing no matter what. This occurrence does not happen often, but is a rather unpredictable wild card. 14k gold filled pieces can be cleaned by washing with a warm water and then patting dry. You can also use the polishing cloth provided to clean.

        Sterling silver is comparable to 14k gold filling in terms of durability and care. .925 is a very high quality material used to create jewelry. Silver is a soft metal which becomes strong when combined with other metals. This material is made up of 92.5% of silver and the remainder is typically jeweler’s copper. This combination creates a metal that shines beautifully like silver but is still strong enough to wear. Sterling silver naturally oxidizes, causing the silver color to dull. However, this tarnish can be polished off using warm water and a gentle toothpaste used to scrub the piece. It can be further polished using the provided polishing cloth.

        Gold plated material is the lowest quality of the three. While it is an affordable way to still acquire real gold, gold plated pieces must be cared for in order to avoid tarnishing. Gold plated material is made by a chemical process which bonds a thin layer of gold to copper or alloys. This material can last years given the proper care. These pieces should not be worn in water, or they will tarnish with time. It is also recommended not to expose them to chemicals such as perfumes, lotions, sunscreen, shampoo, etc.