Customize a Product (read description)

Customize a Product (read description)

Please describe what you are changing (ex: butterfly colors, name, etc)

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This listing is an add on to orders. Only select this listing if you want to add or make changes to a custom order. This is the opportunity to add anything to a case or keychain that is not in the original listing. If you want to take away a feature, such as make a keychain clear with no flowers, this is NOT something you should purchase. Please email if you have any questions. 

Example: You want to purchase a floral name keychain but want to add butterflies too. Purchase the floral name keychain as well as this listing to add butterflies.


Changes Allowed

  • Add Butterflies-$1.50
  • Add Gold/Silver Flakes-$1.50
  • Add Additional Name-$10
  • Add Multiple Flower Colors-$1.50